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Catherine Creek Rod Company


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Rod Description

6'3" 3wt- This is a very light rod based on the Cattanach midge taper. For very small streams.

7'2" 4wt- This is a parabolic rod based on the PHY Driggs taper. A wonderful rod for dries and light nymphing. This rod is a blast to cast! It nearly casts itself.

8'0" 6wt- This is a traditional taper based on a Hardy CC'DeFrance taper. It is great for lakes, light salmon and steelhead. Very solid rod.

7'6" 6wt- This is a rod being constructed now. It is based on a Walton Powell taper and is reported to almost cast itself. I will provide a better desription once I have completed this one-it is already sold, but I may build the duplicate next.

Special equipment

No agate stripper-adds too much weight for this rod.

Downliding reelseat

Downlocking reelseat

Downlocking reelseat